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Take a test ride on one of our Emojo Electric Bikes and find out why the country is going crazy over E-Bikes. A new type of outdoor adventure that really does allow you to go farther, go faster and have more fun. Not as young as you used to be or, maybe you have a disability that’s been keeping you indoors? Well, NOW you can get out and enjoy the great outdoors and not worry about falling behind.

  • Go farther! Go Faster! Enjoy More!
    • Get a great workout just like with a regular bicycle.
    • Conquer any hill with pedal assist technology or go full electric.
    • Pick up the groceries.
    • Ride to work.
    • Make your own adventure.
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Accessorize Your New E-Bike!

Whether going down the block for a cup of coffee or headed out for a full day of fun, Williams Sports and E-Bikes has the accessories that you need to make your excursion safe and comfortable.

  • EMOJO Accessories
    • Baskets
    • Helmets
    • Batteries
    • Battery Chargers
    • Rear Racks
    • Pumps
    • ...and more

Environmentally Friendly

E-Bikes – How They Work

Motorized bikes, sometimes called “power- assisted vehicles,” “human-electric hybrids,” or “pedelecs” (for “pedal electric” cycles) combine the driver’s pedaling with a motorized assist from a rechargeable electric battery, which can be plugged into any standard outlet. This is in contrast to mopeds or motorcycles, which run on gas and have combustion engines like those in cars, and also in contrast to other types of electric bikes and scooters that run entirely on electricity without any pedal power from the rider. These vehicles often look just like conventional bikes, and some are even converted from conventional bikes. The motor is sometimes attached to the frame, or in some cases hidden away discretely within the frame.

With some pedaled e-bikes, the rider turns the electric assistance on or off using a toggle or a twist of the handlebar, and can choose an entirely electric ride, an entirely pedaled ride, or a ride combining electric with pedal power. With a “pedelec,” on the other hand, the rider just gets on, pedals, and switches gears when needed, as if riding a standard non-electric bike. A computerized sensor combines force from the battery seamlessly with the rider’s own pedal power, and gives the biggest “push” when the rider needs it most: usually in kicking off initially and in surmounting hills. At higher speeds, when the rider’s own pedaling has the bike cruising at a fast and steady pace, the battery-powered motor’s contribution can drop out almost to zero.

With most human-electric hybrid cycles, you can also choose to ride the bicycles as a regular non-electric bike for extra exercise. For all types, the motor and battery itself can add a little bit of weight to the bike, around 20 pounds—roughly comparable to adding a couple of textbooks to your backpack.

Electric bikes can go anywhere from 20–50 miles between charges. They are generally classified by law as “low-speed electric bicycles,” because they tend to go about 20–25 miles an hour. They don’t require a license plate or vehicle insurance in most states, but check the rules for where you live. \

And because they’re electric rather than combustion-powered, a trip on these motorized bikes is quiet—quiet enough to hear the birds singing on the way to wherever you’re going. Drivers of these vehicles value the motorized boost that helps them more easily pedal up daunting hills, get home with groceries or other heavy loads, pedal a small child to school in a child seat or wheeled trailer, and commute to work in dress clothes without breaking a sweat. And for short trips, riding an electric bike can be faster than driving a car, especially because you won’t get stuck in traffic or can head for the bike rack by the door rather than driving around seeking parking.

And drivers of motorized bikes still get exercise from pedaling, albeit with a little electric help—so these bikes offer more exercise than driving that’s a little less strenuous than pedaling a conventional bike. Greener Than a Second Car Compared to taking a car or some other gas-powered vehicle, these human-powered vehicles with electric assist travel completely clean, with no carbon dioxide emissions or other pollutants. Even when you factor in the pollution that might have been used to generate the energy to charge your vehicle, electric bikes are only one-tenth as polluting as driving a car the same distance, according to Electric-Bikes.com.

Joelle Novey, Green American (Read the full article here.)

Why Buy an Electric Bicycle?

Different people will buy electric bikes for many different reasons. These are some of the more common, and some surprising reasons, people make the investment.

  • Faster Commute – for those living in areas with substantial traffic congestion, electric bikes offer a sensible solution to decrease commute time and get to work even faster.
  • Commitment to Living Green – for some this is the primary motivation to buy electric bicycles. When used as a mode of transportation, they help reduce traffic and smog.
  • College Commutes – with many campuses banning cars for underclassmen, or other students living on campus, electric bicycles provide a cost effective manner of transportation – especially in college towns with many resources located near the campus. The University of Washington is even considering a vending program that allows students, faculty, and staff to rent electric bikes by the hour, according to Inside Higher Ed.
  • Novelty – some people just like toys and gadgets. The bigger the better, and this is one amazing one that is sure to bring its own share of toy joy to all who own it. Don’t knock the fun factor. It can be a powerful motivator for buying and using an electric bike.
  • Traveling around Town– while most people will not find this to be the best choice for long distance or family travel, riding around town to take care of errands, visit the local farmer’s market, visit the library, grab a cup of coffee, or support your local businesses is a great way to maximize the potential and usefulness of electric bicycles.
  • Getting Fit – the great thing about e-bikes is that you’re able to choose the amount of effort you put into operating it. This means you can go all in with your efforts to get a workout on your commute or increase your effort over time as your body becomes accustomed to the routine of your ride.
  • Touring – visiting a new city? You’ll be able to cover more ground sightseeing and without getting tuckered out if using an electric bike to check out the sights of another city.
  • Medical condition – for people who have knee pain or other physical challenges, electric bikes offer the ability to still get out there and enjoy the outdoors with their family.

These are many reasons to consider electric bicycles for people from all walks of life. Understanding basic facts about these bicycles will help you make informed decisions about whether or not this is a good choice for you. As their popularity and availability grows, you can expect to see them more widely used and get more ideas about how you can use them yourself to do great things for the planet, your household budget, and your own physical fitness.

Amber Merton, Electric Bikes 101, Plushbeds (Read the full article here)

We encourage you to check your local laws and regulations concerning access to public roads, bicycle paths, parks and trails.