Some people are wondering, “what are electric bicycles?”. Read the following article to find out more.

Electric bikes are bicycles that have added features that boost their power, range, and radius. They can make commutes far less sweat-inducing than standard bicycles. As demand for these e-bikes is growing worldwide, now is a great time to learn a little more about them and what they may have to offer you, your family, and your commute.

Electric bicycles are typically standard bicycles that have a few added features. The motor is one of those added features. It is commonly mounted on the side or the hub, though there are also friction and mid-drive motors available as well. Power ratings for electric bikes can be found anywhere between 200W to 700W.

The battery is a very important feature of the electric bike. According to NYCeWheels, batteries are typically one of the following three types:

  1. Lead Acid
  2. Nickel Metal Hydride
  3. Lithium Ion

With modern e-bikes using one of the latter two.

The controller is the tool that allows you to select the mode, and is generally located on the handlebar of the bicycle to make it easy to use while on the go.

Some will include extras like baskets to make them more useful, and others may come equipped with digital tools to determine speed and available battery charge.

Most states classify these as bicycles, so you won’t need an endorsement on your driver’s license – or a driver’s license at all. While electric bikes have motors that are incredibly useful, they can also operate as a standard bicycle, powered by the pedal. Many of the modern e-bikes allow you the option of riding completely powered, by pedal alone, or with pedal assist.

They are easy to operate with most electric bikes offering you a choice of three operating modes:

  • Pedal Only – in this mode, you’re the power behind the bicycle. It’s just like riding any other bike, and a great way to get a good workout in before or after work.
  • Pedal Assist – with the push of a button located on the handle bars you can switch to this mode that allows the bicycle to provide power as you are pedaling. You can choose the amount of power you’d like to use as assistance in this mode.
  • Electric Only – the motor does all the work for you in this mode so that you can ride along and enjoy the scenery.

Amber Merton, Electric Bikes 101, Plushbeds
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