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If you purchased an E-Bike from Williams Sports & E-Bikes:

    • Please contact the specific manufacturer (see below) for warranty claims.
    • Do not return your E-Bike to Williams Sports & E-Bikes.
    • This does not apply to rentals.

EMOJO Electric Bike – Warranty


To make a warranty claim always keep handy the vehicle model, date of purchase, vehicle serial number as well as information from the retailer where you purchase the vehicle from. The warranty is limited to the terms listed below:

    • Frame, Suspension, Motor: 1 year for parts. 3 months for labor.
    • Controller, Charger: 1 year for parts.
    • Battery: Warranty on the battery starts the date of purchase of the vehicle as new. The battery is sealed and cannot be opened or fixed. The battery should not have a percentage of nominal charge retention of 60% or less. Misuse of the battery, negligence or attempt to open or repair it will void the warranty.
    • General vehicle: The vehicle is backed up by a 1-year main warranty, certain components listed on this chart or consumables may be subject to a different period of coverage or not included in this warranty.
    • Consumables: Components subject to wear are not covered by the warranty: Tires, inner tubes, brake lines, brake pads, basket, wheel lining tape, light bulbs, LEDS, fuses, etc.

If the warranty is void for any reason the customer shall bear any repair or replacement costs resulting from vehicle misuse, negligence or abuse.

Always follow care and preventive maintenance procedures.

Always keep receipts from any services performed to the vehicle by an authorized distributor or service center.

The warranty will be voided by any of the following circumstances:

    1. Failure to follow all directions or recommendations listed in the user manual.
    2. Cycling collision, accident or vehicle damage caused by careless parking or storage.
    3. Acts in violation of laws and regulations.
    4. Never performed service or maintenance on components.
    5. DIY repairs on electronic components.
    6. Abusive use of the vehicle in off-road terrain, mud, snow, water, sand, gravel and water puddles.
    7. If vehicle is used as rental unit or taxi.
    8. Damages caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, lightning, fire, flooding and other hazards .
    9. Rust and/or paint fading caused due to heavy exposure to rain, hail, snow or sunlight
    10. Overloading beyond recommended capacity .
    11. Damages caused by nails, needles, broken glass , debris , sharp rocks or other foreign objects .
    12. If vehicle is used but not limited to stunts, jumping from ramps, stairs or elevated surfaces.
    13. If vehicle is used in competitions or racing.
    14. If vehicle has been modified for any purposes on the motor, electrical system, suspension frame, wheels.
    15. Use of other components not approved by the manufacturer.
    16. Damages resulted from improper transportation.

Due to the nature of the product some components must be exclusive from the manufacturer such as but not limited to the battery, motor, main gauge cluster, controllers, Led headlights, brake drums and pads etc. Other components such as tires, tubes, saddle, racks, basket may be used from market-ready or compatible products with previous approval from the retailer or manufacturer.

EMOJO Contact Information:

15375 Barranca Pwky., Suite C106
Irvine, CA 92618, USA
Phone: 949-878-1278
Email: info@emojobike.com or support@emojobike.com